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I'm not empty, just sober

The Gift of Life: What Dr. Oliver Sacks reminds us as he prepares to die


RIP Oliver Sacks (9 July 1933 – 30 August 2015). I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure. -Oliver Sacks The below was written in February 2015. *** People have forgotten what life is all about. They’ve forgotten what it is to be alive. They need to be reminded. They need to be reminded of […]

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On Tough Love and Advice to Those Wanting to Quit Drinking

ros road hdr

(Editing to add: Although this post is from last year, I’m bumping it up to “sticky” status because of the great advice in the comments. If you’re considering sobriety or having a tough time with it, be sure to read through all the comments. I’m taking a little blogging break, but I hope to see you all soon. Love, christy, August 2015)  Once in a blue moon, I’ll get an […]

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So You Want to Quit Drinking

Wright, Bing. Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Anscochrome), 2012. Archival Inkjet Print.

(the following poem contains profanity and raw imagery. it is not intended for young, nor sensitive, eyes. it is inspired by several bukowski pieces, each linked to in the footer. while bukowski, to my knowledge, never sobered up, there are few who understood alcohol’s powers as well as he did. I’d like to think he had both bluebird and kraken in his heart, and would not hesitate to let you borrow […]

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Forgiveness, Church TV and Red Lights

Volcano via BBC

I don’t normally watch church on television. Weekends find us usually watching whatever sports may be on. Last weekend though as I was flipping around looking for soccer (futbal, if you prefer), I saw a local preacher talking and decided to watch for a minute. Like I said, I don’t normally watch church on tv, but this was a little different; the preacher on tv was female. And not only was she female, […]

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Courageous vs Brave (The Braveheart Chronicles by Michelle Terry)

An unedited picture of joyful me taken by my son 3 months into "being fixed."

Is there a difference between being brave and being courageous? If so, what does that difference look like? Would bravery and courageousness fight on the same side of the battlefield or face off as equal, but opposing adversaries? When I think of brave, pictures of soldiers defending their country, lion-hearted gladiators wielding swords, and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games color my thoughts. But when I envision courage, I see common people […]

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Amy Winehouse, Feb. 16, 2007.  (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File) (via)

It was a Saturday evening, and I was thinking about drinking. I was crying. I remember how the mascara stung my eyes. I didn’t have a Kleenex, so I used the bottom of my shirt to wipe my eyes. The black of my mascara and green of my eyeliner made abstract streaks of art on my t-shirt. Alice, the homeless lady with salt and pepper hair, no teeth, and deep […]

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Dear Someone Who Decided to Stop Drinking: a helpful post from Lisa McColgan

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I was asked earlier this week if I had any posts I could recommend to someone struggling with treatment for alcohol addiction. My first thought was my poem, “So You Want to Quit Drinking.” My second thought was a post I’d seen shortly after I began blogging: “Dear Someone Who Decided to Stop Drinking.” I looked up that post–from October 2012!?!–and it’s still as relevant today as it was then. It […]

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“This Will Be The Last Time”

Sometimes I miss certain people the way I miss drinking. I romanticize them forget that if it didn’t work then or then or then why would it work now? But it’s so easy to forget the bad so easy to lie to yourself when you want something someone. Want to feel how you felt back then. This time will be different I know it. So I say fuck it and pick […]

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Michelle Has Been Published! Woo-hoo!

IMG_3936 - Copy

You all know Michelle (MamaMick) Terry, don’t you? I think the entire internet must know her by now, as friendly, bubbly, and genuine as she is. But if you are one of the rare few who don’t yet know Michelle, you’ve been missing out on a wonderful brave lady. Michelle and I met in October 2013 and became fast friends. We discovered many shared interests: running, eating chocolate frosting (right out of the […]

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From My Mom


I shared a note from my mom nearly three years ago, soon after I began this blog. I always thought I would revisit that post, dress it up, add some cutesy little stories, but sometimes no embellishment is needed. Like a poem, some words stand on their own and linger in our hearts . . . reminders of our own experiences. You don’t need my stories with this note. You have […]

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