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Dear Someone Who Decided to Stop Drinking: a helpful post from Lisa McColgan

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I was asked earlier this week if I had any posts I could recommend to someone struggling with treatment for alcohol addiction. My first thought was my poem, “So You Want to Quit Drinking.” My second thought was a post I’d seen shortly after I began blogging: “Dear Someone Who Decided to Stop Drinking.” I looked up that post–from October 2012!?!–and it’s still as relevant today as it was then. It […]

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The Gift of Life: What Dr. Oliver Sacks reminds us as he prepares to die


RIP Oliver Sacks (9 July 1933 – 30 August 2015). I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure. -Oliver Sacks The below was written in February 2015. *** People have forgotten what life is all about. They’ve forgotten what it is to be alive. They need to be reminded. They need to be reminded of […]

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On Tough Love and Advice to Those Wanting to Quit Drinking (“STICKY” POST)

ros road hdr

(Editing to add: Although this post is from last year, I’m bumping it up to “sticky” status because of the great advice in the comments. If you’re considering sobriety or having a tough time with it, be sure to read through all the comments. I’m taking a little blogging break, but I hope to see you all soon. Love, christy, August 2015)  Once in a blue moon, I’ll get an […]

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So You Want to Quit Drinking (“Sticky Post”)

Wright, Bing. Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Anscochrome), 2012. Archival Inkjet Print.

(Even though this was written in September 2014, I keep it as a sticky post up at the top of the blog in hopes it can help others.) (the following poem contains profanity and raw imagery. it is not intended for young, nor sensitive, eyes. it is inspired by several bukowski pieces, each linked to in the footer. while bukowski, to my knowledge, never sobered up, there are few who understood […]

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Life in 6 Songs – Final Thoughts and Special Playlist


Hi everyone, are you missing Life in 6 Songs terribly yet? If so, don’t worry, we have a very special surprise playlist for you later in the post. Also, we have the Life in 6 Songs page where every volume is listed, so come visit anytime you’d like. I mentioned before that I had some trivia and fun stats for you — so let’s take one final look back. . . . Show me the numbers: […]

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“Oh and It’s a Hollow Feeling” (Glenn Frey, Music and Memories)

Glenn Frey. November 6, 1948 – January 18, 2016. Photo via.
"Staring slowly across the sky, said goodbye." ~"Tequila Sunrise"

I was emailing my friend Cayman when I heard the news on the television. Glenn Frey, co-founder of the Eagles, dead at 67. I stopped typing mid-sentence; jabbering on about movies and books loses importance when reality smacks you in the face. Another icon, gone. I thought about it for a minute. My first instinct was to type, “Fuck. Glenn Frey died. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Thinking that may […]

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I’m Not Asking You to Read This. (Does That Make Me Crazy? Probably.)

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Do you ever write something with the intention that no one else will ever see it? Like a diary or journal or dream recaps or crazy grocery lists with “Cherry Garcia fro-yo, duct tape, Captain Crunch cereal, and tampons. and cat food. and jelly beans. and diet coke.” (Yeah just wait til you run into your ex at the store with those things in your basket! While you’re wearing your […]

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Wild, Untethered and Strayed


A real letter. Written one year ago today. Still unsent. 12/23/14 Today you are finally going to see the movie Wild. I’ve been waiting for you to see it. Honestly, I was surprised when you said you wanted to, that it was THE movie you wanted to see in the theater this year. I wondered if you even knew what it was about. See, to you it may be about […]

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What’s Going On? (Music, Lovely Fires and New Beguinnings)


In late 2014, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Spotify. It turned out to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Converting a couple of close friends to Spotify (waves to Jennie and Michelle) was cool too! Spotify has been a god-send for my writing inspiration and running motivation. And apparently I listened to it a lot. Like WordPress, Spotify sends you a “year in […]

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