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Badassery: a guest post by Dennis Meeks

Dennis Meeks, badass, with one of his first medals from the Navy Nautical Miler.
Photo courtesy of Adalyn Meeks.

I’m thrilled to introduce Dennis Meeks to you all. Dennis is a very kind and supportive reader of Running on Sober, and when he mentioned in a comment that he was in the midst of running thirteen marathons in twelve months . . . and doing it to get and stay sober . . . and doing it in his early-60’s, well I practically begged him to share his story with us. […]

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My New Rules for Running (including “I will love my thunder thighs”)

(Photo found in multiple locations on the internet.)

A few thoughts on running, and a handful of “new rules” I hope to follow in my current training season: I will stop calling myself slow. There are others slower than me. Sometimes they’re not in my race, but they’re out there, and they are running. A 12-minute mile is the same distance as a 6-minute mile or a 20-minute mile . . . one mile. I will stop calling myself a fat runner. I […]

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Autumn, Running and Rambling

When friends start checking-in with me with random “Send up a flare every now and then why dontcha’?” and “Hey girl, just checkin’ on you” and “Here’s a picture of some flowers from my garden, just because I thought you may need them” (Michelle is just the sweetest, I swear) type of messages, I start to think that maybe I should poke my head out of my hidey-hole cave to say, “I’m […]

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Make It Funky (Funk playlist, c25k, and shout-outs)


Since I got a little long-winded on my last running post (all that extra endurance from my long runs, ha!), I decided to split off the music into another post. I funked out on my last fourteen-miler; there’s nothing like some groovy music to break you out of a funk. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to share your favorite music, fitness progress or any shout-outs in the comments. ~ Couch-to-5k: […]

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Rambling Running Thoughts (On Spot, Paul, Polls, BBB and ‘Smashed’)

Embedded it is then.

Remember how, when I started marathon training last month, I said some posts may be shorter or more rambly than others, especially if I was exhausted from running? This is one of those posts. I’m exhausted. But I have a lot to say, so it’s more rambly than it is short. Running has been going very well these last two weeks, and I’m back “into the groove” of things. (Sorry, […]

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Go Do, A Guest Post by ByeByeBeer

I am thrilled to host not only one of my favorite bloggers, but also one of my favorite persons, ByeByeBeer. She and I share a love for running, cookies and sherpa-coated monkeys; we both tend to ramble, though she does so a bit more gracefully than I; and we both have been sober for over two years now. Despite having her hands full with vacation and new kittens, ByeByeBeer graciously […]

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Holy Crap I’m Running a Marathon. (Will You Inspire Me, Please?)


My first, and possibly only, marathon is less than four days away. I have so many thoughts floating around in my head like little floaty nitrous clouds, but all I can focus on is “holy crap, I’m running 26 point two miles in four days!” I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m wondering if I’ve done enough. At this point there’s not much more I can do. Except eat, drink, sleep and […]

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Eighteen Miles- Owned! In the Bad-Ass Time of “Oh Who Gives a Crap”

These are not the actual prairie dogs nor actual park, but they're close. I felt like I had my own cheering squad when they would pop their heads out to watch me run by

For those of you following my running journeys, yes all three of you, you know that my marathon training schedule called for my first 18-miler ever this past Sunday. I was a little nervous, but after kicking 17-mile butt last weekend, I must say I was a little more excited than nervous. Knowing that the run would take me at least 3.5 hours (Go Turtles!), I set my alarm for […]

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