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My Grace is Gone (A Climb Out of Alcoholism)

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Today’s Music (stealing a line from my handsome bud El Guapo…)¬†Grace is Gone.¬†(This is not the light-hearted running-thoughts post I’d planned for today. Sometimes life takes you on a musical-detour; a place you didn’t plan to go, but needed to go nonetheless. This is one of those posts I needed to write.) “Grace is Gone” makes me think of my grandmother. This year marked the tenth anniversary of her death, […]

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Words For The Weekend (“The new years come, the old years go”), Volume 23

This is the latest installment of quotes and words that move me for the weekend of 12/29/12 (Volume 23). I hope you enjoy them too. I am currently enjoying a “mini-hiatus” from blogging, so this weekend’s quotes are reposted from Volume 5–one of the most viewed editions. I’ve also included a couple of poems to ring in the new year. I wish you all a safe and joyful New Year! […]

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