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It’s Not a Shrine or Anything


My mother’s purse has not moved in three years, seven months. It sits on her desk, beside her computer monitor. A spider web forms a bridge between the purse and screen. Insurance forms, business cards for hospice workers, and hospital bills are strewn haphazardly across her desk’s surface. Books on real estate management and lung cancer and knitting, a Bible too, all layered in dust. Words abandoned, no longer helpful or needed. Frog figurines […]

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Words For The Weekend (Dear Someone Struggling With Grief and Pain), Volume 46

Another unconventional Words for the Weekend post (for the weekend of 08/31/13, Volume 46) and an unexpected one as I had said I would be taking this weekend off. However, I received such an outpouring of support from “My Grace is Gone” and discovered so many of you are struggling right now with grief and with alcohol abuse, some of you with both. Some of you are barely hanging on […]

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Sunday Words on Hope, Guns, Annabelle and Hands

I could not find appropriate words for yesterday’s Words For the Weekend post. But while words failed me, some of you have shared poignant thoughts that I would like to share. Please enjoy the following selections: a poem on hope submitted by kind reader Elle, a few quotes on hope, links and further reading on the delicate subjects of guns and issues facing The United States in the aftermath of […]

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Words For The Weekend (1,000 Beautiful Things When Death Comes) Volume IX

This is the latest installment of quotes and words that move me for the weekend of 9/15/12 (Volume IX). I hope you enjoy them too. ~~~ “Every day I write the list Of reasons why I still believe they do exist (a thousand beautiful things) And even though it’s hard to see The glass is full and not half empty (a thousand beautiful things) So, light me up like the […]

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