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Words For The Weekend (Rusty Cages, Changes and Kookaburras), Volume 24r (repost)

Hi everyone! Figured I’d revisit one of my favorite weekend posts (original HERE) back from early January. (How are you doing on those resolutions, by the way?) I should have some new material for you next weekend. Also, I’ve got a little surprise planned for you on Tuesday, so be sure to stop back by when you get some time. In the mean time, have a wonderful week! ~ Love, Christy This […]

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Words For The Weekend (The Poetry Edition. Plus Gus, Johnny, Shel and Nina), Volume 38

This is the latest installment of quotes and words that move me for the weekend of 6/8/13 (Volume 38). I hope you enjoy them too. Feel free to share your favorite quotes, poems or videos in the comments. This week is a selection of poetry (musical and written) that I’ve been wanting to share for a while. A tad lengthy, but I’m making up for the last two reposts. * […]

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