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I'm not empty, just sober (and on extended hiatus)

And the Oscar Goes to … (Pick the Winners With Us!)


Originally posted on drinkswellwithothers:
It’s that time of year again folks. Movie awards time! But not just any awards! The “Academy” Awards…. ooooh so shiny and gold… oooh so… so… so… white. They left out a word though… “Where famous WHITE people come together…” I used to love watching the Oscars, but over the past few years, that love has diminished. Too many things I don’t understand, too many politics I don’t…

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“Oh and It’s a Hollow Feeling” (Glenn Frey, Music and Memories)

Glenn Frey. November 6, 1948 – January 18, 2016. Photo via.
"Staring slowly across the sky, said goodbye." ~"Tequila Sunrise"

I was emailing my friend Cayman when I heard the news on the television. Glenn Frey, co-founder of the Eagles, dead at 67. I stopped typing mid-sentence; jabbering on about movies and books loses importance when reality smacks you in the face. Another icon, gone. I thought about it for a minute. My first instinct was to type, “Fuck. Glenn Frey died. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Thinking that may […]

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So You Want to Quit Drinking (“Sticky Post”)

Wright, Bing. Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Anscochrome), 2012. Archival Inkjet Print.

(Even though this was written in September 2014, I keep it as a sticky post up at the top of the blog in hopes it can help others.) (the following poem contains profanity and raw imagery. it is not intended for young, nor sensitive, eyes. it is inspired by several bukowski pieces, each linked to in the footer. while bukowski, to my knowledge, never sobered up, there are few who understood […]

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I’m Not Asking You to Read This. (Does That Make Me Crazy? Probably.)

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Do you ever write something with the intention that no one else will ever see it? Like a diary or journal or dream recaps or crazy grocery lists with “Cherry Garcia fro-yo, duct tape, Captain Crunch cereal, and tampons. and cat food. and jelly beans. and diet coke.” (Yeah just wait til you run into your ex at the store with those things in your basket! While you’re wearing your […]

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