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Reflections on Five Years of Sobriety


I can’t remember my last drink. I know it was May 6, 2011, five years ago today. But that’s about all I know for sure. I’m pretty sure it was either one of those hard-lemonade type drinks you can buy in a can at the grocery store, or it was a few quick sips from a plastic bottle of Pinot Grigio (the cheap kind they sell in the little four packs…easy […]

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To April, Come She Will, Again.

quote by William W. Purkey

April come she will When streams are ripe and swelled with rain; May, she will stay, Resting in my arms again. “April Come She Will” by Simon & Garfunkel *** Last year I wrote that my life had been defined by loss. I was swimming in loss; it was in my hair and eyes and in my mouth, I was swallowing it, I was becoming it. I even wore it […]

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In Weakness, Strength: Muses in Two Parts


A little something different today. I wrote a piece on anger, in anger, just over a year ago and originally shared it at sweet Michelle’s hidden-away nest. I ended up removing it, thinking I would rework it and submit it somewhere later. But the funny thing is, it just sat there, collecting dust and venom. In moments of anger I would think on it and all the ugly twists and turns […]

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“Oh and It’s a Hollow Feeling” (Glenn Frey, Music and Memories)

Glenn Frey. November 6, 1948 – January 18, 2016. Photo via.
"Staring slowly across the sky, said goodbye." ~"Tequila Sunrise"

I was emailing my friend Cayman when I heard the news on the television. Glenn Frey, co-founder of the Eagles, dead at 67. I stopped typing mid-sentence; jabbering on about movies and books loses importance when reality smacks you in the face. Another icon, gone. I thought about it for a minute. My first instinct was to type, “Fuck. Glenn Frey died. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Thinking that may […]

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